Hardwood in construction

Hardwoods are the de-facto choice for many construction projects as they are naturally more durable and longer lasting than softwoods. They come from slow-growing broad-leaved trees, meaning their timber has more density than softwoods, giving them enhanced durability and strength.This is one of the reasons they’re so ubiquitous in the UK: you can find hardwoods […]

Engineered timber sees massive rise in popularity

Chemically modified woods have been gaining in popularity over recent years for a number of reasons, not least their attractiveness, versatility, and durability. If you’re wondering whether these engineered timbers are worth the investment, now is a great time to review how they’re capturing the popular imagination.Accoya, a top-quality engineered material that Quercus is proud […]

High hopes for house-building

The fortunes of the timber industry are inextricably linked to a number of different sectors and industries, such as housebuilding and manufacturing. So, news that the UK government has set out ambitious plans to ‘get Britain building’ has been celebrated by the industry.Housing is a hot topic, and features on the lack of affordable homes […]

No EU, no problem?

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, there was an overwhelmingly gloomy prediction made for the immediate and long-term effects on a range of industries. But, as recent statistics have shown, this has not been the case for the UK timber industry.Brexit has undoubtedly been the biggest domestic political story in recent memory […]

Wood furniture continues to thrive

Wood is one of the most prominent materials that is used to create all kinds of stunning furniture and has seen massive popularity in recent years. Now, a new report has stated that wood will continue to dominate the global furniture market!Whether it is going towards desks, chairs, dining room tables, wardrobes or any other […]

Design & Technology continues to fall in schools

Schools are a vital place of learning and developing new skills that set you up for the rest of your life, often giving children an idea of what they want to do as a career. However, there is a growing concern that design and technology is being overlooked in schools, and we decided to take […]

Timber with increased stability, endurance and performance

Here at Quercus, we stock a wide range of products so whatever your project is, we can supply what you require. We aim to supply the best and most innovative solutions to our customers, and we therefore stock the special acetylated wood: Accoya.Technology has played a huge role in the development of most traditional industries […]

Wayne Johnson Q&A

Wayne, our sales director and co-founder, set Quercus up from the very beginning and is, like the rest of our team, supremely knowledgeable and passionate about our timber trade. So, we thought we would sit down with him and get his views on the company and timber as a whole – here is how it […]