Recent acquisition good news for fans of Accoya

“Rapid production growth expected for premium Accoya Colour product range”

Quercus has a long history of supplying Accoya to our clients, and many of them have become big fans of the product – just like us. That’s why we’re excited to hear that Accsys, the company that produces Accoya, has acquired UK-based competitor Lignia. The result will be greater productivity for one of its newest products: Accoya Colour.

We believe Accoya is a genuine innovation which combines wood’s best features with the kind of versatility and durability that doesn’t occur in nature. Accoya retains natural timber’s beautiful appearance and eco-friendliness, but is purpose-built for challenging situations and resistant to shrinking, swelling and distortion.

Accoya Colour – a new product which has only been distributed in two European countries so far – adds a coloured element to the mix. One of its first products, Accoya Colour Gray Decking (which is coloured from surface to core) quickly proved so popular that the company could not keep up with demand. Now, it will be available more easily, and in a range of new geographic markets. Other applications for Accoya Colour are also expected in the near future.

Accsys acquired €1.2 million of assets and equipment from Lignia, and will use them to supercharge its Colour business. The company plans to adopt Lignia’s former facility and staff in Barry, Wales, but will discontinue Lignia’s existing product line.

Accsys CEO Rob Harris released a statement, saying: “We are pleased to announce the purchase of these assets, which will enable us to meet the strong demand for our fast-growing Accoya® Colour product. Since launching Accoya® Colour in the DACH region in Europe last year, we have seen very strong demand from our customers and are looking forward to increasing its availability as a high value, highly desirable product.”

Whether you’re already a regular user of Accoya, or you’re looking to try something different in your next project, get in touch with Quercus on 0845 50 50 311. We have partnered with Accsys to supply this modified timber to the UK market for years, and can help you decide if Accoya’s right for you.