Cladding is set to outperform in 2022

“A number of trends such as sustainability, accountability, and availability are propelling cladding higher.”

Last year saw a variety of building materials, including timber, experience serious price volatility. One area where this didn’t seem to have an effect on sales was timber cladding, which saw demand rise consistently throughout.

One of the reasons for claddings’ outperformance is sustainability, which is becoming more and more of a talking point. Other options that are pushing cladding higher include innovative finishing technologies and diversified product ranges.

A major barrier to uptake is the continued perception that cladding is unsafe. Following the Grenfell fire, timber, despite not being used, has received negative press – but the reality is that it does not deserve this negativity.

Timber cladding today is a safe, affordable, environmentally friendly, option, that your customers should be aware of. Heading into 2022, the market for timber cladding looks strong – and that’s a good thing for the environment, as well as all of us who supply and work with cladding products.

Convincing your customers to try cladding is good for the environment – but it is also good for them. The wide range of options available make cladding a versatile material that is sure to offer something for everyone.

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