• Hardwoods

    Hardwoods are a highly versatile family of timber. They are found in everything from high quality Windows and doors, bespoke staircases, flooring, and boat building to fine kitchens and individually commissioned furniture pieces.

  • Softwoods

    Softwoods are the source of 80% of the world’s timber. Generally less expensive, less dense and lighter grained than hardwoods they are found in a multitude of applications.

  • Bespoke Machining

    We love nothing more than to hear that our customers are busy. Fortunately, the vast majority keep telling us they are, and they also tell us that skilled people are difficult to find.

  • Engineered Products

    Peace of mind is incredibly important when it comes to producing any type of timber product, and that is why we stock a selection of engineered products alongside our hardwood and softwood timbers.

  • Panel Products

    We stock a variety of panel products suitable for a wide range of applications and offering an extremely cost-effective solution.

  • Hardwood in Construction

    Whilst the vast majority of our stock holding is commercial grade kiln dried hardwoods, we do also supply large regular volumes of hardwood for construction projects.

  • Flooring

    When it comes to flooring products, the choice can be daunting simply because the variety of products can be excessive. We try to keep things simple: we offer Engineered Hardwood Flooring and we offer Solid European Oak Flooring.

  • Accoya

    Accoya’s innovative non-toxic acetylation process goes directly to the core of timber and removes moisture, providing a wide range of benefits for numerous applications.