What’s hot in 2022? Exploring architectural trends over the next twelve months

“All the evidence points to timber building on previous gains in popularity, and forming an even larger part of the architectural landscape in the coming year”

The construction world, like so much else, has spent the last few years undergoing a huge shift towards sustainability. In 2022, that trend is likely to continue gaining steam, positioning timber (which has been a major beneficiary of this trend) to outperform. This is good news for people like us (who sell timber) and people like you (who use it professionally). But it’s also good news for the planet, because wood can deliver on all its promises, aesthetic and scientific.

Building remains one of the highest pollution industries in the world. According to a survey by BIMobject, building and construction is responsible for about 39% of energy and process-related CO2 emissions and 36% of final energy consumption. These are big numbers, but they’re coming down, because huge swathes of construction professionals, from architects to engineers, are putting sustainability front and centre. To accomplish their goals, these professionals are turning to wood as a main building material for urban living spaces.

There’s a reason for wood’s popularity: it’s a natural, renewable, and sustainable building material that acts as a carbon capture and storage device. This means that using timber rather than other materials with heavier carbon footprints (like concrete or steel) can help to ameliorate the damage we’re doing to the planet and shrink our collective carbon footprint. But wood is not only great for the environment – it’s also incredibly versatile. Timber is still prized for its beautiful natural aesthetic and properties, but technological increases mean that treated timber now delivers enormous potential to the market that was unrealised before. And the variety of finishes, styles, and colours of timber mean that you can find a look and feel that suits your customer, however particular they may be.

The natural aesthetic qualities of wood bring us on to the final trend likely to propel timber higher this year: designing for wellness. Sustainability is not just about big carbon reductions – it’s also about the little things we can do to save ourselves and our natural habitats. This means relaxing and prioritising our mental and physical health, living with less, and embracing nature in our daily life. For a lot of consumers over the past few years, that has translated into a preference for timber and other natural materials in the home – a trend that’s likely to continue in 2022.

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