Timber with increased stability, endurance and performance

Here at Quercus, we stock a wide range of products so whatever your project is, we can supply what you require. We aim to supply the best and most innovative solutions to our customers, and we therefore stock the special acetylated wood: Accoya.Technology has played a huge role in the development of most traditional industries […]

Hardwood’s hottest trends

Hardwood is one of the oldest and most traditional building materials known to man, having a centuries-long history of use in everything from ships to furniture. However, people are always finding new ways to produce and be creative with this particular type of timber, so we decided to take a look at what hardwood trends […]

Revolutionary new timber to transform your business?

Accoya is a special, acetylated wood product that has been produced following decades of research, development and testing. You will already know that we stock an excellent range of hardwoods and softwoods, but we also stock Accoya in a large range of sizes and lengths. This high-performance timber provides a range of benefits you might […]

Enhancing Joinery Performance

We recently wrote about the risks associated with changes in moisture content and their effects on external joinery. Now, our partner company Remmers has put together an informative document to help you understand methods which combat this threat. Remmers are the experts when it comes to understanding protection and performance coatings with their innovative solutions […]

Understanding moisture & movement

Creating well-designed and elegant wood products takes great materials and lots of time and effort from a skilled hand. However, one thing that is under-appreciated and taken for granted is the moisture content of the timber, something that can drastically change the integrity and look of the product over a period of time.The moisture content […]