Accoya production is ramping up to meet demand


“Accoya is a revolutionary product with multiple applications. It’s never been in more demand, but supply is increasing to meet it.”

At Quercus, we have been fans of Accoya for a long time. A type of treated timber, Accoya brings new levels of stability and reliability to market. It’s heavily resistant to swelling, shrinking, and distortion, highly durable, and very long-lasting. And best of all, it delivers these performance upgrades while retaining timber’s beautiful aesthetic and environmental benefits.

For obvious reasons, demand for Accoya has risen steadily over the years, recently reaching a new peak. John Alexander, group sales director for Accsys, the company that manufactures Accoya, recently told reporters: “We’ve seen demand for Accoya wood far outstrip supply over recent months and years, driven by both the performance it offers, the positive experience in use by manufacturers of products with Accoya and the welcome shift towards the use of more sustainable materials in the construction industry.”

As a result of this consistently rising demand, the company has been adding to production facilities in Arnhem, the Netherlands. It is currently working to add a fourth wood acetylation reactor to the plant, which is expected to be operational by March 2022. This will enable Accsys to produce 33% more Accoya per year – from around 60,000 m3 to around 80,000 m3.

Alexander continued: “The expansion of our Arnhem site will help us to meet the needs, requirements and desires of our direct and end-customers. Being on schedule this close to completion is a really positive step and demonstration of our building organisational capability. I’d like to thank our long-standing associates and partners for their patience, loyalty and advocacy as we’ve been working hard to increase our capacity.”

Quercus is an Accsys partner. We have helped craftsmen in the UK get access to this incredibly versatile treated timber for many years. If you think it could be right for your next project, please give us a call on 01295 713 167. We’re always happy to talk you through your needs and give you the benefit of our experience when it comes to picking the right timber.