What’s new at Quercus?

“Quercus has stayed busy over the past few months, and is ready for a fresh start out of lockdown”

Despite a second nationwide lockdown, Quercus has managed to remain busy over the past few months – both in terms of orders taken and timber supplied, and in terms of growing the business through new hires, rebranding,  and upgrades to our facilities. With businesses opening up again, Quercus is ready for a fresh start. Here’s how we’ve prepared for it…

Meet Adrian…

Our newest member of staff is Adrian Green – an old hand in the timber industry who brings 30 years of experience to Quercus. Adrian has a vast storehouse of knowledge and is committed to delivering a great service for our customers. An old colleague of Wayne’s from his Timbmet days, Adrian is a great fit for our team and the right man to help grow new client business.

Sprucing up the office to look good and feel great

We recently carried out a major renovation of our office, and we’re very pleased with the results. We also decided to make things a little more health-focussed, installing standing desks for all our staff. The science is clear when it comes to the benefits of standing desks – we see this as a small change that can make a big difference to the health of all our staff members!

Rebranded lorries

Since you’re reading this on our blog, you will probably have noticed that we overhauled our branding not too long ago. Now, we’ve brought our lorries into line with our new brand, and they’re looking better than ever as a result.

If you want to discuss an upcoming project or order some timber, please contact us on 01295 713167, or via email.