Joinery sector prepared for post-pandemic boom

“Demand for home renovation and sustainable construction are both high – joinery is poised to capitalise”

The joinery sector is perfectly poised to capitalise on the intersection of two powerful trends: first, the high demand for home renovations following lockdown; and second, an increasing preference for the use of sustainable materials. People want to fix up their houses, and they want to do it in an environmentally friendly way. This sets the scene for joinery to flourish big time.

According to the British Woodworking Federation (BWF)’s Home Improvement Index (HII) Report, there is major demand for home improvements in the UK market. More-than 33% of home owners plan to install new interior and exterior doors, and 22% want to replace windows. And while cost, durability, and attractiveness of products remain the driving factors in consumer purchasing, environmental friendliness is increasingly becoming an important one too.

To capitalise on these trends, joiners in the UK should be ready to showcase different varieties of timber, tailored to their customers’ needs. Timber can be the most beautiful of materials, and there are many durable options, including modified wood for those particularly tricky jobs. They should also be ready to sing timber’s praises in regards to sustainability (see our other article this month if you need a refresher) and take customers on a learning journey.

At Quercus, we can source and supply any timber you may need for your next project. Equally important, we can leverage our deep industry experience to help you determine which wood is best for your and your customers’ particular needs. This will put you on firm footing to explain the many benefits of timber to your customers. All our wood is sustainably sourced and of the highest quality. Call us on 0845 50 50 311 to make an enquiry.