Welcome to our two new Quercus members

Quercus is very pleased to announce that it has two new team members, both of which will make a positive impact on the business from the outset. The first is a member of our internal sales team, George, and the second is our new Truck.

George, real name Andrew Lazenby, comes to us from the corrugated packaging industry. He’s learning the ropes as we speak, and will soon be a fully signed up convert to the timber trade.

Why do we call him George? Simple: we already had an Andrew. As a result, we were inspired by his last name to call him after everyone’s ‘favourite’ James Bond – George Lazenby..

George is a keen angler and sports fan. He supports Sheffield United, follows Brackley Town, and loves his cricket. He’s also a father, with two children that have no idea about his past in Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

George will spend the next few months in learning mode, primarily dealing with customer enquiries, everyday invoicing, and all the other day-to-day stuff that will give him an insight into the business.

Our second new member of the team might have a less interesting personal life than George, but will be hugely useful nonetheless, a 7.5 Tonne curtain sided vehicle that will enable us to carry much larger volumes.

This will help us to increase efficiency and capacity on the transport side of the business, and translate directly into a better service for our customers.