Third-party certification of fire doors is a valuable way to ensure compliance with the law

“Safety of people and property must come first – and one way to ensure that’s the case is embracing third-party certification”

Although it appears that recently passed legislation is having a favourable effect, more education and outreach is needed to ensure that the law is really followed regarding fire door safety.

According to a new survey commissioned by the BWF Fire Door Alliance for its Be Certain, Be Certified campaign, nearly one-third of those responsible for fire door safety are unaware of their responsibilities under the Building Safety Act (previously the Building Safety Bill). A better grasp of the new system is essential for ensuring its success.

Even though it’s not specifically mentioned in regards to fire doors in the Building Safety Act, the need for increased transparency and traceability underscores the value of third-party certification. The ‘golden thread’ of information that ensures quality control in construction supply chain can be better maintained with the help of third-party certification.

Independent verification is more comprehensive than the results of a fire test, which can simply say whether or not the fire door in question is adequate for its intended use. Having a product certified guarantees it has passed all necessary tests and is manufactured to a constant standard. To be sure that everyone and everything is safe, this distinction is crucial.

Residents of high-rises and multi-family dwellings will be better protected thanks to the Building Safety Act of 2022. The capacity of a fire door to slow the spread of smoke and fire is especially important for buildings with residents who require extra time to evacuate or assistance from fire services.

Recent research shows that just 9.5% of local authority buildings and MHOs employ fire doors that have been independently certified as meeting safety standards. Those responsible for fire door safety in these buildings will be able to rest easy knowing the fire doors will do their jobs if they install certified fire doors from a third party.

The majority (47%) of those who specify certified fire doors state that doing so is due to legal requirements. Third-party certification can provide people the peace of mind they need to know they are in compliance with fire safety laws.

The good news is that more than half of respondents stated they intend to ask for more information on product traceability and seek greater proof of performance going forward, with the natural next step being to look for third-party certification in light of the new legislation.

The Building Safety Act and the Fire Safety Act are both excellent pieces of legislation that have improved fire safety in the United Kingdom by enforcing stricter measures of responsibility and auditability at every stage of the industry’s supply chain. Traceability and regulatory compliance can be ensured through third-party certification of fire doors, providing essential safety for building users and occupants.

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