LIGNIA: A British success story that might be right for your next project

“Lignia Wood Company is the first UK-based modified wood manufacturer – and it’s already making headway on its goal to go global”

The Lignia brand has been around for a decade or so, initially imported from New Zealand – but now, relaunched under new management, the Lignia Wood Company is making waves as the first UK-based manufacturer of modified timber.

The company has done more than just relaunch. It’s also committed to major R&D, big investments, and a new direction. Having just completed a 50,000 square foot factory in Barry, Wales, the company is about to go global with its modified wood ambitions.

The first products Lignia is putting out are aimed at the construction and yachting industries. Fitted out with bespoke equipment, the new Barry factory is able to manufacture a range of modified products that are built from FSC-certified radiata pine, making them a more sustainable option than traditional tropical hardwoods.

Institutional investors have recently added £5 million to Lignia’s books, giving the company a cash infusion with which to grow the business. That growth is aimed at a global market, beginning with Europe, the UK and the US. The company has not been idle, and has used the past two years to build up a number of distribution deals in these countries.

Lignia’s CEO, Hans Ng, says: “This new investment from our institutional investors will support the expansion needed to meet the growing demand for Lignia products, and is a great expression of confidence in the Lignia team.”

Lignia’s product offering is perfect for people who want to create as small an environmental impact as possible – without sacrificing the aesthetic and functional qualities of traditional timber. The company’s Lignia Yacht is now well established as an alternative to Burmese teak, and its standard product, Lignia, has already been specified for a number of cladding, decking, flooring and joinery projects in the UK. Lignia Fire, a fire-retardant offering, is preparing to enter the US market.

Going forward, Lignia is committing to stay ahead of the game with serious R&D. It also wants to hammer home the message that finding eco-friendly alternatives to hardwood doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. If you want to learn more about Lignia modified woods, give us a call on 0845 50 50 311.