Considering Accoya for a project? Here’s what it can do

“Accoya is a wonderfully versatile modified wood and, as these examples show, it keeps timber’s aesthetic appeal in tact!”

Quercus has long championed the use of Accoya modified timber, partnering with Accsys (its manufacturer) as a distribution partner. We really believe that Accoya offers our customers some valuable options that unmodified timber does not. That doesn’t make it right for every job, by any means. But, for the situations it’s created for, Accoya represents a best-in-class solution.

Accoya is a stable, water and rot-resistant timber that is highly durable and can be trusted to not shrink, swell, or distort. And, best of all, it accomplishes all of this while retaining the beauty and environmental appeal that timber is prized for. If that sounds like a material that could be of value for a project you’re working on, then have a look at some of the uses Accoya has been put to in the recent past and see if any of them offer some inspiration:

1. The Royal Arena

When it came to selecting a cladding that was, quite literally, “fit for a king” the Danes turned to Accoya. Situated in Copenhagen and completed in 2016, Denmark’s Royal Arena features Accoya cladding across its entire façade. Perfect for external use due to its durability, Accoya was nonetheless chosen primarily for its elegant aesthetic appearance in regards to this project.

2. An Energy Efficient Home

Casa AB07 (540 M2) in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, is a beautiful, energy-efficient, two-story house. Accoya cladding was used on the second floor to provide extra protection against sun radiation while maintaining the home’s environmentally friendly carbon footprint.

3. Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Few places in Great Britain are as beautiful and prestigious as Cambridge University. So it was particularly good news for Accoya enthusiasts when the University’s beautiful botanical gardens were outfitted with an equally beautiful display of Accoya decking. A 65-metre long dynamic spiral constructed of the wood was built as part of the university’s “Understanding Plant Diversity” project.

4. Macquarie University Innovation Hub

Another respected university also turned to Accoya during recent construction work – albeit, this one is on the other side of the world! Macquarie University selected the wood for its new Innovation Hub’s external windows and wall panels due to its “Class 1 durability, stability and sustainable credentials”.

5. Indian Farm House

This beautiful new farm house is located in Panvel, Maharashtra, India, and all of the timber within – windows, louvres and walls – is Accoya. Built on a four-acre plot on the banks of the Gadhi River, this farmhouse has to be able to survive a tropical climate and heavy winds during monsoon season. As a result, using Accoya was an easy decision to make.

To view Accoya’s flip book with images of all of the above please View here 

If you’re looking for a timber that combines all the performance enhancements of modified wood with the aesthetic appeal and environmental credentials of natural timber, then Accoya is the right product for you. Contact us on 0845 50 50 311 to discuss your project with us and get a quote – our friendly team of experienced timber experts are always happy to give customers the benefit of their knowledge.