A big thank you for your Movember support!

“We’re very proud to announce that the Quercus team raised £520 for Movember this year”

After a month of itchy top lips, we’re proud to report that we managed to raise £520 for the Movember Foundation this year!

The Movember Foundation is a leading men’s charity that aims to close the life-expectancy gap between men and women. It does this by highlighting a number of health issues that are unique to (or disproportionately affect) men, and encouraging sufferers to get treatment.

Amongst the biggest causes of early death in men are testicular and prostate cancer, and mental health problems. All of these issues are very treatable when caught early – but social stigma makes it hard for many men to seek help.

Men’s health is deeply important to the team at Quercus, and we’re proud to have done our bit to help this year. But we couldn’t have done it without all the brilliant people – male and female – who contributed their hard-earned money on our behalf.

Men’s health is not just an issue for men. We all have fathers, sons, brothers, and friends, that can benefit from more care and understanding.

Sadly, with November now behind us, the time has come to wave goodbye to added facial fur. But we hope you’ll join us again next year, where we hope to raise even more for the charity and strike yet another telling blow in the fight for better men’s health.

Once more, from all of us here, thanks so much for your support – we couldn’t have done it without you.