A big hello to our two new starters

“Quercus is pleased to introduce you to our new delivery drivers, Nikki and John!”

At Quercus, we’re always eager to bring motivated new employees into the fold. So we’re pleased to announce that we’ve hired two new delivery drivers: Nikki Murray and John Hawes.

Quercus has been busy over the last couple of weeks carefully inducting them to ensure they are well equipped to carefully select the finest timber and to ensure that all products are delivered in full and on time.

Nikki is married with a two year old-son. He enjoys settling down in front of the telly to watch a good movie, and loves spending time with his family. Nikki will be joining our warehouse and logistics team.

John (or Dave, as he prefers to be known), is an ex-policeman with 35 years of marriage under his belt. Dave is an avid motorcyclist, and loves going out in fine weather on his bike. He’ll be joining Nikki as part of the warehouse and logistics team.

Sticking with delivery drivers, but on a somewhat sadder note, we would like to wish our outgoing driver, Cliff, all the best in his new role. Cliff has driven for us for some time, but moved on at the end of December. He was a great part of the Quercus family, and we’re sure he’ll fit in just as well in his next workplace!