Why engineered timber should be a material of choice in your workshop

“Engineered wood has all the upsides of standard timber in addition to a number of unique benefits that could save you time and money”

Timber has been a major disruptor in the construction industry’s recent history. It’s come back into vogue for a few reasons, not least of which are its versatility, its natural beauty, and its ability to help fight climate change and become part of the sustainable revolution.

But it’s not perfect: we all know that some woods are hard to work, that others may be susceptible to warping, that some expand and contract over time, and that some just aren’t durable or weather resistant enough for a number of uses.

Of course, you can overcome a lot of these issues by picking the right timber (Quercus is always ready to help people select a timber that’s right for their project – you can reach us here to have that conversation today). But there are other options for even the toughest jobs: engineered or modified wood products.

Many joiners have been put off modified wood, such as Accoya, by its slightly higher price point. But those that take the plunge and try it out soon discover that they save money in the long run. The same can be said of engineered or laminated wood products, and the reason is simple: engineered wood is so predictably consistent. It can be supplied in a wide range of sizes that need minimal trimming, meaning that waste is considerably reduced. The lack of additional work required means that you start saving not only money, but also time, as soon as the wood’s in the workshop.

And it’s not just joiners that benefit from engineered timbers – their customers can too. Engineered timbers offer incredible stability meaning less shrinkage, swelling or distortion.

Modified wood products can offer a high durability class, combined with the practical and easier machining properties associated with softwoods. Its durability means that it has a long life in almost all climates. And it is resistant not just to the elements, but other risks too (like insects).

If you’d like to learn more about engineered or modified timber products, please feel free to call Quercus on 0845 50 50 311. We’re always happy to help out customers find solutions that are right for them and their projects.