Use a knowledgeable timber merchant to avoid “buyer beware” warnings

“It’s essential to buy your timber products from a knowledgeable merchant who can advise you on exactly what you’re buying and what to expect from it”

Timber products always have a context – you never “just buy” a timber product, you always buy it for something. It might be to make furniture, put up a fence, to use in construction, or for any number of other uses. For that reason, it doesn’t make much sense to talk about how “good” a timber product is in the general sense – it always makes more sense to talk about how good a particular timber product is for the use you have in mind. And that’s where a knowledgeable timber merchant becomes a necessity.

If you buy wood products, such a plywood, fencing, panel products, or MDF, then you need to buy from someone who knows what they’re selling. If you buy from a timber merchant who doesn’t understand the product in question, then it comes with a “big buyer” beware notice. That notice, which might not be hanging over the door but should definitely flash up in your mind, reads: how can I be sure that this product will perform in the way I want it to?

For example, if you’re buying plywood, can the person making the sale explain to you what it’s composed of? And what adhesives have been used in its manufacture? Can they offer an informed opinion as to whether it will hold up in your, or your customer’s, project? If they don’t know what’s in the product they’re selling, then their knowledge about how it handles moisture, and any other number of things, is highly questionable.

This is particularly true of plywood which Wood Technology Society board member John Park describes as “fraught with difficulties” due to standardisation challenges. But it’s also true to a greater or lesser degree of every wood-based product you buy. If you use the wrong species or grade in construction, your customers might find that parts of their house aren’t holding up as expected through the years. You have a duty to them and yourself to interrogate your timber merchant and get the lowdown over exactly what you’re buying and what it can be used for.

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