The benefits of engineered products


Recent years have seen a rise in popularity for ‘engineered products’, as people look for alternatives to traditional sawn timber. What reasons would there be for choosing these, and what are the main differences or benefits engineered products have over other items? We thought we would shed some light on this topic.

Here at Quercus, we stock a range of engineered products alongside our exceptional hardwood and softwood selection. This is because we are dedicated to giving our customers a great choice of timber for them to transform into windows, doors and a whole range of other bespoke products.
There are a number of benefits that come with using these manufactured or engineered timber products. If you remember, just a few weeks ago we spoke about the problems associated with the moisture content in timber and the potential issues.
Using engineered products greatly reduces the risk of movement due to greater dimensional stability, as a result of the fact that they are made up of multiple layers. This reduced risk of movement is a real advantage and gives peace of mind that you won't be required to remedy potential issues in the future.
Other benefits of using engineered products involve reduced labour and wastage. Because they come in component sizes, there is no need to spend time ripping them up and creating waste that you nearly always get when dealing with sawn timber pieces.
Engineered components also offer consistent quality – every piece is usable, there are no knots or hidden defects after processing, like with a conventional sawn piece of timber.
We sell engineered components in Sapele, European Oak, Eucalyptus Grandis and Redwood.
Whilst not strictly an engineered product, but a modified product, we are now stocking Accoya. This is an acetylated wood product that has been manufactured to ensure outstanding durability and optimal performance. It offers key benefits in relation to it's dimensional stability, and certainly gives peace of mind with it's 50-year guarantee.
We are seeing an increasing number of our clients moving to engineered and modified timber products, could they provide any benefits to your business?