Quercus’s top 5 buildings made entirely of timber

“All around the world, architects have woken up to the value of timber construction. The result is entire buildings made of wood.”

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, look no further. All around the world, architects and construction companies are embracing the benefits of timber – in some cases, using it to construct entire buildings! These buildings are more environmentally friendly, better for you, and they look absolutely great.

At Quercus, we are big believers in inspiration. So, we have collected our top five 100% timber buildings to help get your creative juices flowing! With more and more people buying into the timber story every day, this list can’t be comprehensive – there are so many great examples out there, with more being built every day. However, if you just want to see what’s possible, this is a great place to start!

1. Fireplace for Children, Trondheim, Norway.

This small, igloo-like building was created with left over materials from a nearby construction site. The project was designed to be a place for children to congregate around the fire and tell stories in response to a brief that called for the creation of enjoyable surroundings.

2. Knarvik Community Church, Knarvik, Norway.

Another Norwegian entry, Reiulf Ramstad Architects used speckled pine heartwood, which comes from the middle of a branch or trunk and is recognised for its endurance, in the construction of this stunning angular church.

3. Volga House, Tverskaya, Russia.

The outside of this Tverskaya, Russia, country home is wrapped in wood panels that are tilted in seven different directions. Peter Kostelov, a Russian architect, sought to modernise Soviet-era dachas (rural dwellings) while paying homage to their haphazard aesthetic.

4. Liyuan Library, Beijing, China.

It was while visiting the site in the countryside outside Beijing that Chinese architect Li Xiaodong saw bundles of firewood and used that inspiration to design this distinctive library’s twig covering. Sticks from local fruit trees are arranged so that sunlight may flow into the inside.

5. Barn B at Mason Lane Farm, Goshen, Kentucky, USA.

The De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky, constructed this remarkable, large-scale shed near Goshen, Kentucky. The building is made of locally grown bamboo and is used to store seasonal crops. Its open design allows for lots of natural airflow, which is necessary to dry hay.

To see these buildings as well as others that stand out from the crowd please click here.

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