Quercus supplies first-class carbon capture technology

“Timber is a natural, effective, and versatile carbon capture technology – using it in your next project can help fight climate change”

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you already know that timber can play a huge part in ameliorating climate change. Here’s a quick refresher: trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as carbon, with each 1m3 of wood grown holding 0.9 tonnes of CO2. When those trees are felled and used for timber, the carbon remains in the wood. This means that your new house, or your little girl’s rocking horse, can help remove dangerous greenhouse gasses from the environment. Trees being felled, of course, frees up space for further trees to be planted… meaning that even more carbon can be sequestered and stored. So, the more timber we use and trees we plant, the better it is for the planet.

At Quercus, we’re really passionate about the natural world. If you love timber, it’s hard not to love forests. And if you love forests, you soon grow to appreciate nature in all its glory. That’s why we’re so keen to communicate the importance of using timber to all of our customers… and we hope that some of you will take the time to discuss these issues with customers of your own. When end users understand timber’s power to combat climate change (in addition to all its other great qualities), we believe they’ll find an even bigger place for it in their next project.

The Wood CO2ts Less campaign addresses this subject head on. And its latest video is a short but powerful illustration of how great timber can be from an environmental perspective. We think this video tells a great story, and we hope some of you find it inspiring… maybe even inspiring enough to share with people you think need to hear it. Without further ado, enjoy the next minute of your life:

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