Quercus remains fully operational during lockdown

“Quercus will remain available to meet your timber needs until the government orders otherwise”

Given the worsening Covid-19 pandemic across the UK, and a return to lockdown, we wanted to send a clear message to our customers: until the government mandates otherwise, we will remain fully operational and at your disposal.

We are extremely well stocked with hardwoods currently, and have huge volumes of European Oak and Sapele available.

However, for the moment, safety is our top priority – both our own, and our customers. For this reason, we have decided to implement a number of measures to minimise our impact on public health:

  • We will continue making deliveries, but all our drivers will practise social distancing. The driver will unstrap the goods in the back of the van, then sit in the cab while the customer unloads
  • We will email delivery notes rather than print them, and our drivers will document unloaded deliveries photographically. Any issues relating to volume discrepancy or piece count must be raised with us, in writing, within 48 hours. Any issues relating to quality of products must be raised with us, in writing, within 7 days
  • We will no longer be accepting any unauthorised visitors on site
  • Collections can still be made with prior arrangement. We will agree a time with you, and the goods will be placed outside for collection
  • We have also implemented a range of measures at our site to ensure a safe working environment for our staff

These measures will sit in place until the government’s advice to businesses changes. Given the number of updates we have experienced over the past few months, that could be sooner than we expect, but rest assured – as soon as we hear of any changes, we will evolve (or cease) our operations in-line with them, and notify you all via this blog.

We hope these measures give you an element of confidence in these unprecedented times. For now, at Quercus, it is still business as normal.

If you have any questions about the content of this notification, or you simply want to discuss and upcoming project and order some timber, please contact us on 01295 713167, or via email.