Quality comes first at Atkinsons London flagship

“With Quercus supplying the timber, ITS Interiors fitting it out, and Christopher Jenner designing it, Atkinsons’ new location was bound to live up to the brand’s reputation”

When Atkinsons perfumery decided to return to London, the brand had no intention of cutting corners. After a 67-year hiatus from the city, Atkinsons found a home for its new flagship store at the iconic Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. Making the most of the space was CEO Dino Pace’s first concern. Speaking to Luxury London, he said:

“We enlisted Christopher Jenner to design the store. We wanted him to think about the new house of Atkinsons as an experiential place where people could breathe the essence of our creations, benefit from the grooming services of an in-store barber shop and feel at home.”

Burlington Arcade is England’s oldest shopping arcade, and it attracts a pedigree of customer that is unparalleled. Browsing the stores inside, customers could find themselves rubbing shoulders with celebrities, or even members of the Royal Family. Jenner turned to high specification fit out and construction specialist ITS Interiors to make his vision a reality.

ITS Interiors have quickly built a reputation for creativity and innovation expressed through beautiful craftsmanship. Given their focus on high quality, it should be no surprise that they are clients of Quercus, and that they used our products – predominantly American Black Walnut, with some American Tulipwood and Sapele – in fulfilling this contract.

Board Director Chris Howe described the project as an example of ITS’ impressive capabilities, saying:

“This Project has been especially challenging for everyone involved, particularly those who have worked relentlessly day and night to produce some stunning Joinery elements in the Joinery Shop and install some very high end exclusive finishes on site. For this I Personally thank everyone who has supported this project and contributed to one of the most unique and detail centric fit outs we at ITS have done for some time.”

The work has garnered plaudits from the luxury world, raking in high praise from publications like Billionaire Magazine, GQ and Vogue. It is a lasting testament to all those involved in the design and construction process. And, from the supplier’s perspective, it’s a lovely feeling to say that our timber is – literally now, given where it is based – fit for a king.