Pick your winners for the TTJ Awards 2019!

The TTJ Awards are amongst the timber industry’s most respected accolades – so we’re incredibly proud to announce that, for the first time ever, Quercus is an entrant for best Small Timber Business of the Year!

This year’s awards aren’t just a “first” for us – they also mark a bold move on the part of the Timber Trade Journal (TTJ) to democratise the process. That means this year, instead of being picked by privately appointed judges, the TTJ has decided to open the awards to a public vote of their readers. And why not? It’s people who work with wood and follow the industry that are best placed to know who should win what!

We’re making this announcement in the hopes that you will exercise your new-found power and vote in the TTJ Awards 2019. This is a rare opportunity to take one of the most relevant accolades in timber and make it even more relevant!

Relevant to the reality of the timber trade as you, the people most informed about its day-to-day operation, perceive it. Relevant to a larger number of people who work with wood. And relevant to a far larger number of businesses, who are sure to receive more exposure in this new, democratic, process than they did under the old one.

And yes, we would love it if you voted for us in Category 7, as best Small Timber Business of the Year 2019! But only if you feel we really deserve it. The on-going credibility of the TTJ Awards relies on people being honest about their choices.

Here’s the full list of categories in which you can make your voice heard:

  1. Best Panels Trader
  2. Best Timber Merchant
  3. Best Softwood Trader
  4. Best Hardwood Trader
  5. Best Structural Timber Systems
  6. Best Joinery Supplier
  7. Best Small Timber Business
  8. Best Timber Trader

We feel that our customer-centric focus and dedication to upholding the ethical, environmental, and quality-based norms of the industry makes us a deserving pick… but do you? Either way, you should have your say below: