Have you heard that “Wood CO2ts less”?

Wood CO2ts less is a new, industry-wide, campaign to raise awareness of timber’s role in the green economy”

Big news for timber this month: the industry-wide campaign Wood CO2ts less is launching! This is an initiative developed by Swedish Wood, Wood for Good, and the Confederation of Timber Industries, in order to highlight the environmental benefits of wood, particularly its unique ability to reduce CO2 emissions. As the country looks towards a new, green, economy, the hope is this initiative can encourage greater uptake of wood in construction and related industries.

The importance of CO2 reduction to the UK’s attempt to hit Net Zero 2050 cannot be overstated. The government is aware that certain industries (such as aviation and shipping) will be incapable of reaching zero emissions by 2050, so in order to meet its commitment, it will need to embrace carbon capture. Wood is a natural carbon capture device, so scientific advisors to the government have highlighted its future use as an important part of the solution in the UK hitting zero carbon.

In its report last year ‘UK Housing: Fit for the Future?’ the Committee on Climate Change wrote: “Using wood in construction to displace high-carbon materials such as cement and steel is one of the most effective ways to use limited biomass resources to mitigate climate change. New policies will be needed to support this.”

The message that Wood CO2ts less conveys is as important for DIY and interior design as it is for construction – but with new housebuilding being a major focus for the government, there is a real need to hammer this message home fast.

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