Demand soars for garden products – could Accoya help you capitalise?

“As Brits gear up for a sunny summer at home, modified timber could be just what your customers are looking for”

Garden products are in high demand for a number of reasons. First, many people are looking to install a shed-office in their gardens as a sensible “work from home” solution that lets them escape the kids and focus on clients. Second, a lot of us are expecting staycations rather than vacations this summer, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to exert pressure on the travel sector. And third… well, summer’s just around the corner, so why not make the most of your garden when the weather turns nice?

Accoya is the perfect product to help you capitalise on this flurry of interest. It’s a specially treated timber product that looks great, works well, and is weather, rot, and insect resistant. At Quercus, we have been supplying Accoya for many years now because we really believe it’s a great product – one which adds value for both our clients and their customers.

This year has already seen tradesmen turn to Accoya in their droves for outdoor applications. Laura Keily, head of marketing at Accsys Technologies, said: “I think it’s going to become a bigger application for us as staycations are likely this year. Joiners love to use Accoya because it means fewer call backs and coatings last longer.”

This high-performance modified wood looks great – but functionality is where it really shines. Sitting Spiritually recently used Accoya in its Affinity Range of bespoke wooden garden swing seats. A spokesperson for the company said: “The dimensional stability it provides means the wood doesn’t warp or change shape, allowing the fine details and angular nature of our swing seats to truly shine.” Accoya’s rot-resistant finish also means that the paint retains a beautiful crisp finish for longer than other types of timber.

2021 is the year that people are getting serious about garden furniture. If your customers are part of this trend, then talk to them about Accoya – you’ll be doing them, yourself, and us, a favour. To find out whether Accoya is right for an upcoming project, then give us a call on 0845 50 50 311.