Brexit & our new home


As you know, at Quercus we pride ourselves on not only providing the best quality timber to our customers, but also offering our expertise and insight into the timber industry to give you an understanding of the market as a whole.

As part of this service, we will be putting together a bi-weekly newsletter for all of our clients and customers. In these newsletters we will provide insights on the industry, topical issues in timber and the thoughts of our staff and supply partners.

Now, in terms of topical issues, there is one which has dominated news over the last couple of weeks. Brexit: the UK’s slim majority decision to leave the European Union. This has sent shockwaves across industries all around the world, and that most definitely includes the timber industry.

Brexit has led to uncertainty in the UK construction industry. However, one of the timber industry’s key bodies has spoken out calling for unity and optimism. Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of The Structural Timber Association (STA), said: “This is not a time to let divisions of political ideology split us. Instead, we must continue to relentlessly work towards our common goal – to grow the structural timber frame sector and promote the inherent benefits that structural timber frame as a building material offers.”

The STA are the country’s leading timber organisation, with a wide membership of businesses from across the UK, so they do hold a great deal of influence within the industry. They are one of a number of big players within the UK construction industry who have spoken out with some positivity in recent days.

The repercussions of Brexit on the UK timber industry will only be fully measurable years and decades down the line. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that lumber (which, on the stock market, includes timber) is still trading at a higher price than it was at the beginning of the month. For now, the classic British idiom of ‘keep calm and carry on’ seems to be the message of the time.

Along with this, and on a more positive note, we have some news of our own – we have a new, bigger home! That’s right, we have moved to a new base in Brackley, on the Buckingham Road Industrial Estate.

This new site is three times the size of our previous premises and this means that we will be able to provide an even better service to our existing clients, whilst providing lots of other benefits. The big increase in space at our new site has meant that we can now stock an even greater range of high quality products and in larger volumes.

This move to the new site was a big moment for Quercus, and we are delighted that because of this we are able to provide a more enhanced, efficient service to all of our clients.