Apps that could streamline your business


Modern technology and smartphones in particular have provided us with an incredible amount of advantages and helping hands that were simply not available for previous generations. However, there is often reluctance, in some hands-on industries, to use apps and software. Well, here are a few gems which could help your business’s next job.

Efficiency is key in business, and getting jobs done quickly, whilst maintaining high standards of quality is something we all want to achieve. So, if there were a few quick and easy aids that could help you along the way from within something as portable as your phone – why not take advantage?

Here are a few smartphone apps that you might want to consider using:

Handyman Calculator – This app is available for Android phones and is a great place to start our list because it is almost all-encompassing. The software describes itself as the ideal app for construction and DIY professionals and contains a vast array of different construction calculators including feet and inches, square footage and a length, area and weight converter. Handyman Calculator is free to download and could prove useful as it also comes with an in-built to-do list and features a function that lets you track the amount of time spent on a project.

When you are looking for inspiration for your next product or project, you might pore through books, magazines, and you would almost definitely use the internet to source ideas. But, with Houzz Interior Design Ideas they are all in one place with over 12 million high-resolution photos of products, designs, home interiors and exteriors. This app allows you to save images, share these with friends and colleagues to get their opinion and also then annotate them with your ideas and notes.

Finally, there is one that you may well have heard of, iHandy Carpenter. This app, which costs just £1.49 and is available on the AppStore, takes advantage of an iPhone’s built-in sensors, to turn the smartphone into a handy set of tools. The app transforms into a spirit level, or a plumb bob to check the verticality of walls. Also, this programme can transform into a steel protractor that can measure angles up to 180 degrees.

Of course, you will want to use your own equipment on jobs and rely on that more than an online tool – but having an extra set of handy tools a few clicks away on your phone could prove useful. Why not give them a try!