1 January 2021 is Brexit day – but your timber’s safe with us

“With Brexit just around the corner, the Timber Trade Federation has issued its Brexit guidelines… and our customers should rest assured we’re ready!

With just over a month left before the UK leaves the EU Customs Union on January 1 2021, the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has updated and republished its advice for timber firms. At Quercus, we’ve been following the situation all year, and analysed the new guidelines as soon as they were released. Our customers don’t need to worry – we’re as ready for Brexit as it is possible to be.

The main challenges facing timber merchants, including Quercus, concern changes to existing importing rules at the EU / UK border. From 1 January 2021, we will begin trading with the bloc as “outsiders” – and, if a deal is not agreed, we may even default to a World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade relationship (in other words, the most basic trading arrangement possible).

David Hopkins, TTF’s chief executive, recently made a comment to the press. In it, he said: “Regardless of whether a deal is signed, the UK will see a fundamental shift in the relationship with our biggest trading partner. When the UK exits the EU single market and Customs Union, it is essential every business in the UK timber supply chain is prepared.”

Some of the specific issues we are prepared to deal with include the introduction of checks on goods coming from EU countries, new tariffs and increased due diligence.

If your business is reliant on a steady flow of timber, and you have any concerns about Brexit, feel free to call Quercus on 0845 50 50 311. We will do everything we can to ensure that – whatever happens next year – you won’t be left wanting for timber!